I wanted to send a note and thank you for your wonderful electronic ignition!

First, your order and shipping departments are really on top of things.  The box came two days after I ordered it.  It was not even fully 48 hours!

I installed it exactly as you recommended [it was not difficult] and the ol' gal just fired right up!...

With just the addition of your electronic module, I had to actually set the governor stop down to keep it at 2025!  And it runs smooth as silk at all settings!

I especially like the way that it all fits inside the cap so you really can't tell I did anything to change from the original setup.  You can be assured taht I will tell everybody about you and you 'problem-solving' device!  K.D., Indianapolis, IN  John Deere 420

I am extremely satisfied with the turn around and impressive restoration both physically and mechanically.... Thanks again for your friendly service, competitive pricing and excellent work.   F.R., Mahopac, NY  John Deere 620

...I put on the manifold and chrome pipe I had got from you and just want to say that I'm very very very very happy with how it turned out! ....it looks awesome compared to the old setup.  Very easy to bolt on also.  Just want to say thanks for such a great product.  T.K., Farmall M
Thanks for a job well done!! The tractor purrs like a fat kitten!.  B.R.,  IH 666
....looking at a man's "B" Allis Chalmers and asked him if he had any problems with his carb on his "B" and he said as he pointed to the carb with a "Denny's Carb Shop" label on it and he said this is your answer, meaning he has no problem after he had your company rebuild his carb.... J.A., Ellendale, DE  Allis Chalmers B
....just a thank you for the torque pipe... looks good and sounds nice.  The wheelie bars fit perfect on Cockshutt.  B.T., Fall River, MA  John Deere A and Cockshutt 40
My tractor runs like never before with these new parts.  Thanks again.  G.R., Elgin, IL  Farmall M
... I received my carb for my 1950 John Deere B... All I can say is, ya'll did a good job. - "Excellent".  Thank you!  J.R., China Spring, TX  John Deere B and Ford 2000

... After rebuilding the engine I sent you my carburetor, and I also purchased your new "Perlux" electronic ignition distributor.  I am very pleased with the rebuild on the carb and you ignition products.  As you can see in the photo I am holding a trophy for 1st in the 6,500 lb. class.  I am sure your products made a difference.  Thank you very much for an enjoyable season of pulling and your fast quality service.  D.B., Oliver 88

... You rebuilt a carb for me - It's excellent and provides the best performance.  L.R.  John Deere
I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you how impressed I am with the workmanship that went into the re-build of my Super "M" carburetor.  It is a "jewel", I am so pleased to know that some people still care about the utmost quality possible when providing a service such as your company does... Please pass on my thanks to all who contribute to your outstanding workmanship and service.  D.S., Hebron, CT  Farmall Super M
I feel that Denny's ignition and carburetors have greatly increased the performance of my tractor.  I really like that the products are calibrated for my needs and not a typical "one size fits all" set up.  With the extreme increases in cubic inch in my tractor, the ignition and carburation systems have performed wonderful.  I recommend Denny's to any pullers serious about winning.  Thanks, B.M., John Deere G
You all sure did a good job on it.  Runs better than it ever did.  G.A., Wingo, KY  John Deere 420
Got the carb back for my "A".  What a difference!  Runs with a lot more power.  Thanks.  M.H., Ithaca, NY John Deere A
Installed the TSX-13, ran very well... very happy with the service you provided.  T.P.
I installed 1 of your electronic ignition kits in my Farmall H last year.  It picked up 4 honest horsepower over brand new points.  S.E., McBain, MI Farmall H
We have 2 of your systems already & we love them.  Our tractors haven't run that good in 15 years.  Thanks.  R.B., Farmall H
.... believe that Denny's Carb Shop made the difference.  I have the best power plant, ignition system & carb that money could buy.  If Denny changed sports he would be at the top of that game too.  This is by far the best bolt on power around.  It really makes a difference.  This is lug power right where you need....  Thanks for the good products and tech service.  Keep up the good work.  K.M.
...The distributor you fix for that 50 Cockshutt works great.  It had 68 hp before and 72 after.  When pull it down on dyno until the hp would start to drop it would pull 80 hp.  We were impressed.  This is easy hp for the money. (great work).... I appreciate your work and quick service.  J.S.  Cockshutt 50

I always have good results from your carburetors - Thanks!  P.H., IH 140