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For best results, we recommend a complete package for the 12 volt systems of the electronic ignition kit, ThunderVolt III 55,000 volt coil, resistor to protect the coil, and a set of 8mm custom-tailored spark plug wires.  The electronic ignition is only as good as the coil you use.  Cars and trucks today are running about 100,000 volts and you put the same gasoline in your tractor and try to fire it with a 10,000 volt coil.  No wonder the spark plugs foul.  And while we're on the subject of spark plugs.... a spark plug manufacturer representative informed us that all of the spark plugs made today have a resistance gap built into the plug, mandated by the EPA.  We physically cut apart a spark plug and it is on display at our shop.  You can see the gap!  The voltage has to jump this gap.  Solid copper core spark plug wires make it harder for the spark to do this.  Our spark plugs wires have a spiral wound braided steel core.  This insures the voltage to the spark plug.  Also, we have researched spark plugs and a hotter plug is not necessarily better.    Voltage comes from your coil, not your spark plugs.  The tractor dealership in most cases does not know what heat range will work best for these old gas tractors.   And the original factory specifications for spark plugs are not necessarily what will work now that the tractor is 50 to 60 years old.

So for best results; quicker starting, reduced plug fouling and improved performance we offer complete ignition packages at special prices.  Check them out!